I did it! My computer is now back in action! I applied all the little fixes I could remember and the last one worked. Feeling positive.

Stress Free will be ready to roll for Mondays program on Stress and Symptoms. I have come across other blogs that have some helpful posts and plan to include them throughout the week. (at least the links to take you to the article of choice)

 On another note, stress levels have decreased some. There are still a couple situations that will resurface but I am feeling more at ease when dealing with them. As long as I remember to apply the “relievers” I should make out well. Maintaining a positive attitude and keeping a strong hold on my personal power, I plan to be successful.

Christmas is just around the corner. I have one crocheted doll to finish and have started wrapping the gifts I already have. My daughter-in-law is holding the events at her house this year (mostly due to my sons injury). She is such a blessing. All will be well heading into the New Year.

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