My Week

My week has been full of stressors to the point of exhaustion.

As you know, my son broke his leg and dislocated his ankle. He went to the specialist and learned that things were worse than just a break and needs to have surgery to fix it all.

Situation number two – I took a friend to a medical appointment. She was in a bad mood when she got in the car and an even madder mood when she came out of her appointment. Then to top it off she’s a whiner and complainer. So I listened to her all the way home. She didn’t settle down until after she ate a really late lunch.

Situation number three – the same friend went with me to my appointment and had the same attitude. On the way home I took us for a ride before heading home and she thought we were lost. She complained about the sun being in her eyes non-stop. She had the visor down and I don’t know what else she expected me to do.

Situation number three – I own a trailer in a park and the tenants have not been paying their rent so the court is after me to pay the rent or remove the trailer and the tenants. Then I had to make the decision to officially evict the tenants. Legally.

Tomorrow- I am hoping for a low key day. Somehow I don’t think that is going to happen. Tomorrow is the court date.

Here I have identified my stressors for the week. They induce the “fight-or-flight” response. My heart is racing. I’m a bundle of nerves and haven’t slept well all week. My mind is reeling from the personalities and experiences that occurred this week. I’m exhausted and hoping for the stretch to end. These are temporary stressors but while they are in the process they are annoying, agitating, and aggression inducing.

This is what I would like to see from my readers. Next week I move to the next topic.


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