Post Holiday Thoughts

Now that the holiday is over, I can look back at the day and honestly say that my stress levels were kept in check. I managed to maintain my cool, even when the uncontrollable events activated my “mother’s worries.”

I came to the realization that there wasn’t anything I could do and had to let go of the the situation. The day still turned out well. Some basic relaxation techniques helped me to release what I could not control.

Sometimes we have to realize that certain situations may be beyond our control. Letting go of them and “letting things play out” is all we can do. In the end, we will have prevented undue stress on our bodies and minds and have controlled our response to the unexpected. We are not expected to respond because there’s nothing for us to do.

Many of the situations we are confronted with in life can teach us how to control the stress response so that when we find ourselves in situations that require a calm response and when action is needed, we can respond with the control needed. We have to be able to differentiate between the two types of situations with a clear mind.

The way we handle our stress response can make the difference between a break down or a successful outcome. The more upset we become, the more stress hormones are released that affect the body’s physical response and the need (in some cases) for medical management. Applying techniques to calm or stop the stress response affect that outcome.

All in all, to maintain control over our stress response allows us to maintain control for when action is needed. It enhances our ability to be effective and make appropriate decisions.


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