Our Thanksgiving meal went well. There’s a lot of leftovers. I forgot one thing and NO ONE even realized it was missing. Everyone loved the pumpkin pies made from sugar pumpkins and the grandkids liked the cool whip. They heaped it on their pie and some ate only cool whip! Gotta love them.

The highlight of the day was when the guys decided to go hunting this morning. Before they even began their hunt, my son Matthew fell and broke his leg. Thankfully, my husband and son, Nathan had extensive training in first aid. Nate was an EMT for several years. They splinted his leg and had my daughter-in-law bring the four wheeler to transport him out of the woods. In the meantime, my husband called the ambulance on his cell phone. The ambulance was waiting when they came out of the woods. Talk about efficiency! It all transpired in less than 30 minutes!

Matthew is my youngest son and though he is 37 now, I still worry. The wait was stressful and with Co-Vid, no one could go with him to the hospital. He messaged with his brother to let us know how everything was going. About 3 hours later, he was home walking with crutches. Exhausted and in pain, he relaxed long enough to have his Thanksgiving dinner. He went home with Laura (his significant other).

To top the night off, at home, he fell trying to get inside. Here we are starting to get our winter weather and the stairs were slippery. He’s a big boy and Laura could not get him up. He did manage to sit and scooch into the doorway. Nate went to help and they managed to get him completely inside and to his recliner.

My stress with the whole thing was “just a mothers worry.” However, while things were rolling, I still felt the stress. I did some deep breathing and rebalancing to keep myself from falling apart. Now that he’s home and in his chair I’m relieved and breathing normal again. I was able to calmly finish cooking our meal (a task that kept my mind occupied) and now have 2 granddaughters spending the night. They have already had a lavender bubble bath and an extra piece of pie. They have the TV on and were laying down for the night.

Now’s the time for relaxation. Dishwasher is running and I have time to do my evening meditation. I am thankful because it was a fall and not something worse. I am thankful for the skills my husband and son possess. I am thankful for a meal well planned and executed. I am thankful for the time spent with my family among a mirage of other things.

Time to do my meditation so night all! I hope your holiday went well. If you need to talk (message), I’m here. As a nurse and a reverend your confidentiality will be honored. Remember, Monday starts our Stress Free program. Until tomorrow…

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