The Holiday

The holiday snuck up on me more quickly than anticipated. Even I get overwhelmed. Today is the day before Thanksgiving and though I feel stressed, I know I’m ready for this holiday. I have been preparing since the fall harvest.

My goal today is to get my pumpkin pies made. I have the pumpkin and pie crusts defrosting. The squash is in the freezer (baked and fresh frozen yesterday) and I think everything else is in place. I feel well prepared and hopefully, low stress for the big day.

I know that many of you may not have had the time to prepare ahead and may be shopping for supplies. Keep in your mind that everything will turn out fine. Even if you miss something. Maintain a calm balance by doing some deep breathing to rebalance when you get frustrated. There’s plenty of time to do what you need to get done.

Others may be feeling anxious about the “crowd” or family relations. Trust that everything will work out well. My daughter is claustrophobic and usually only stays for a short while. When she begins feeling overwhelmed she leaves the situation. This may be something to consider if you have underlying issues that make it difficult for you.

Myself. I am going to do a meditation tonight and tomorrow morning before I begin. I’ll take my time and do things at my own pace. I’m sure everything will be done on time. I also draft the aid of the grandchildren and daughters to help with smaller things. This takes some of the pressure off. I plan to enjoy my meal, spend time with my family and worry about clean up later.

Once this is over, I can concentrate on the Stress Free Program. Monday will be the first set of information. I plan to start with the basics and then we’ll get into the hands on of the program. Feedback, questions and comments are an important part of this program. It’ll give me a sense of what you are seeking and initiate some communication between us.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!



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