Thanksgiving Stress

I had written a piece about Thanksgiving with myself as an example but somehow it disappeared and I haven’t found it yet. So here goes a new one.

Thanksgiving is the true kickoff to the holiday season. We add to our stress load by preparing for family visits, meals, gifts, decorations…the hustle begins to bustle. Not only are we dealing with day to day activities and events we’ve added more to our plates.

When my children were small, I had little time to do the necessary tasks and always found myself rushing at the last minute to shop and later prepare a feast for the holiday. Ultimately, something would be forgotten along the way and the morning of, I found myself running to the store.

For those with underlying health issues, like depression, this seems like an impossible task. The lack of motivation adds to the stress, along with the symptoms of depression or other illnesses.

Applying techniques like deep breathing, relaxation, centering, and meditation can help alleviate the stress responses that we feel in response to the new, though temporary, stressors.

Applying techniques to simplify the tasks helps. For those facing the holidays with dread, give yourself TIME to do the tasks. When you go to the store pick up a few items with your groceries. Plan it out over days or weeks even if you go to the store or elsewhere daily. SLOW down. There’s no hurry. So what if you don’t have sweet potatoes or another piece of your feast. Chances are that no one will miss it anyways. Mostly, plan on finding enjoyment with sharing with family/friends, and give yourself permission to relax and visit. Leave the clean-up for later.


God’s Light, Love and Blessings upon your feast.

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