The Beginning

As a nurse for 30 years, I have seen the impact of stressors and how they can stress your body, mind, and spirit. I am among you and have educated patients, friends, family, and acquaintances with knowledge and applications to help them safely through stressful situations and times in their lives.

My goal is to do the same with my blog by educating you about terms and all the who, what, why, when and where of stress. Along with that, I will share personal experiences and my personal resolutions to difficult times in my life.

You are welcome to take notes, print out information, ask questions and share your experiences (if you choose to). As this site develops there will be podcasts, pictures, reading materials … I will share new updates and techniques as they surface.

Why do I feel this is so important?? Because when uncontrolled there can be disabling consequences. I have lost many family and friends as a result of suicide that were directly related to the stressors in their lives. If only one person is helped then I’ll have been successful.

I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery and growth. Together we can heal. You are not alone. I am here to help you along the path.

Published by Julie Spears

I have an extensive information ABOUT me on my site.

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